Distraction Number 3 – Shed Pub

Shed pub.

Yes, that is correct – shed pub.  A relatively new fad, homeowners turning their cluttered, spider infested backyard sheds into mini taverns, complete with beer taps, personalized coasters, and the Sunday match in high definition.

Shed pubs, also known as bar sheds, vary from the most simple conversions, to elaborate British fare, rivalling Coronation Street’s Rovers Return in authenticity.

The idea came to me this past summer.  Our backyard is not huge, but did come with two sheds.  The first, a standard barn-styled structure has seen better days and acts as our primary storage facility.  Why throw anything away when you can chuck it in the shed? And beneath the shed, at least once every season, a temporary dwelling for a local raccoon or skunk family.

The second shed was originally constructed to be a potting shed, a uniquely crafted structure with a slanted acrylic-windowed wall, cedar siding and ventilation ports.  The old couple we purchased our home from built the structure, and while its intention had great promise for the aspiring gardener/florist, for us, it’s evolved into overflow storage facility number two.

In contemplating which shed to convert, I realized step number one meant a massive Spring ‘purge’.  Bring on the 30 yard bin!

The barn shed is larger, but in poor shape.  The shed needs replacing, but will suffice as storage for a couple more years.  Also, any enjoyment of libations within may disturb the wildlife below.

Then the eureka moment.

The potting shed sits on a concrete pad.  Ideal.  While it is a small space, with a peculiar slanted wall, I envision great potential.

Welcome to my soon to be, four-person-maximum-capacity, pub shed.


Do you see a tavern in this photo?  Coming soon.


And how do I look myself in the mirror and justify – yet another – unnecessary project, one that will further challenge my ‘seat of the pants to the seat of the chair’ pledge?


Yes, motivation.

The winter doldrums have set in.  Despite work and family life, I have the time to write, waiting out the cold grey January/February days, counting down to Spring.  I just can’t keep my ass in the chair.

So I meditate. Close my eyes and picture…

… myself, locked away in my pub, not a distraction within 30 feet (unless my neighbour’s cutting the lawn), ambient music playing, basking under the glow of my Ultrabook and flashing Coors Lite sign, banging away at the keyboard in a frenzied rush of creative inspiration.


It’s really all about the writing.

So, I’ve joined a Facebook group dedicated to shed/bar pubs, did my background work, and took my measurements.

And now I wait.

But hold on. Don’t I already have a Spring project in the works?


Especially if you’ve read my past blogs.  My Cape Breton off-grid adventure takes off this year, and there’s metal detecting this Spring also.

Busy times ahead.

If anyone cares to share a tip or two, or a photo, even better, of their shed pub, I’d be appreciative.  Or maybe a glimpse into your own unique way you avoid actually writing, I’d be interested in that too.

Until next time.




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