Margarita Village – Jimmy Buffett Themed Resort


A Pirate looks at 70.

That’s right, Jimmy Buffett is turning 70.

But that hasn’t slowed his fame, energy, or his fan base.  A brand new 305 acre, 750 million dollar Jimmy Buffett themed Resort is under way in Kissimmee Florida, near Disney’s Animal Kingdom, proof positive that the Parrothead lifestyle is still very much in demand. The enormous Resort is expected to open in 2017, with additional construction, including a public access waterpark, phased in over the next four years.

Here’s some of what’s on tap:

  • 175 hotel rooms, 500 vacation rental homes, 300 time shares
  • 60 acre recreational lake with beach area
  • 12 acre water park with a 3 acre lagoon-style pool
  • ‘Son of a Sailor’ fishing school, paddle boarding and kayaking
  • St. Somewhere Spa
  • Planetarium
  • FinCity Arcade
  • Margaritaville themed wedding pavilion
  • 170,000 square feet of retail space

While there are other Jimmy Buffett branded restaurants and hotels in the country, including the new Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood Beach Florida,  Margarita Village will be the first destination resort of its kind – a unique addition to the Jimmy Buffett inspired ‘island escapism’ paradise.

And why do I care?

Although I’m not technically a Parrothead (I’ve not seen Jimmy Buffett live), I’m a huge fan just the same.  Nope, I saw JB in Toronto August 11, 2017 on his ‘I Don’t Know Tour’. Don’t ask how much I paid for my ticket, sufficed to say, I was 12 feet from the stage. Amazing.  Armed with a collection of vinyl, cassette and cd’s, I spent many a summer basking under the hot sun (yes it does get hot in Canada), drinking rum and cokes, listening to Changes in Attitudes Changes in Latitudes, and looking for my lost shaker of salt.

And I own more than a couple Hawaiian shirts.

That’s a lot for a Canadian, trust me.


In recent years, with Central Florida becoming our seasonal home away from home, I’m closer to paradise than ever before.  So close, I can walk there in 45 minutes – at least according to Google Maps.  Yes, the soon-to-be Jimmy Buffett inspired Margarita Village Resort is only two and a half miles from where we stay at Caribe Cove.

My own Cheeseburger in Paradise, just up the road.  A little friendly Disney competition.

We’re trekking to Florida over March Break in a week’s time.  Come Monday, I’ll take my leisurely morning stroll, only this time, I’m heading due east.  I’ll check out the progress and report back.

Time to break out the Bacardi and flip flops.

“If we weren’t all crazy, we’d just go insane.”

Until next time,



14 thoughts on “Margarita Village – Jimmy Buffett Themed Resort

  1. Hey Mike,

    Sooo don’t hate me but I’ve never listened to a Jimmy Buffet album in my life. I was at the library the other day and saw they have a bunch of his cd’s. I thought about picking one up but there were so many I had no idea what was good. Any suggestions?

    Diane Lynn

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If they have a greatest hits like ‘Songs you Know by Heart’ that would be ideal. Also Changes In Attitudes, Changes in Latitudes is fantastic. BTW, I don’t hold it against you! Thanks for the comment!


    1. Great to hear! I couldn’t find my Songs You Know by Heart cd and wanted it for our drive to Florida, so I re-bought it on iTunes. Literally 20 minutes later I found the cd in a desk drawer. Oh well, more royalties for Jimmy.


  2. Hi Mike, I really hope you don’t mind me asking for your advice, but as you know I am new to the blogging community…….as in….. just out the wrapper. Having had a look on my site as a fellow blogger do you think i am starting out ok? I don’t know any other bloggers and you are the first one to welcome me to the community. i would appreciate any advice. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kerry, your site looks good, very professional. A couple of things you may want to consider, if your platform allows for it, a ‘follow’ button or pop-up somewhere on the main page, gives readers a one click option to follow the site. Also, down the road, you may want to consider removing at least one of the sections that lists/shows your current blogs, I count 5 different areas (top bar, bottom bar, side bar list, etc.) Just a thought, and nothing I would be considering until you’ve worked with your current set up for a while. Five months in and I just recently changed the name of my site, and I’m contemplating changing the theme. So there’s always tinkering. Hope this helps a bit. Stay in touch, I’m happy to help anytime.


      1. Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. I will have a look at it. Thank k you so much. I’m following you now, I love all the different posts on your page. Really good. I’ve shared your most recent one on my page.


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