True North Strong and Free

July 1st 2017 Update:  Happy 150th Canada!canada day 150

I’m posting a day earlier than usual this week.

July 1st is Canada Day, a holiday that celebrates national pride, culture, and perhaps more importantly, the beginning of summer.

To commemorate, I thought I’d share a list of things that made me proud to be Canadian, but in retrospect, I feared a list might come across as a tad cliché and unimaginative.  In an effort to alleviate eye-rolls and an increased bounce rate, adding a splash of controversy, like a shot of Frank’s Red Hot, seemed like a fitting method to spice things up.  So I thought about brainstorming some negatives, things that annoyed me, intrinsic qualities I could do without – Mike’s roadmap to a better Canada.

Glowing tributes spewed forth unbridled, until I stopped to ponder the negatives.  Progress slowed, thinking of those festering little one-offs we occasionally endure about the country we love.  Eventually, a tidbit presented itself, one as recent as it is controversial, at least in my opinion.

Just this past month, our Federal Government, without input from the populace, fast-tracked legislation to change the words of our National Anthem.

Why, you ask?

Gender……. neutrality.

Apparently, in 2016, singing the words ‘in all thy son’s command’ is offensive.  The geniuses behind this landmark decision against oppressive ‘Old Canada’, successfully changed the derogatory line to read: ‘in all of us command’.

Excuse me, but that line doesn’t even make sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with gender equality, I fully support the ideal and understand its importance.  After all, I’m outnumbered 2-1 in the household, 3-1 if you count the cat.  What I take issue with is political correctness -yet again, overriding common sense.  Unnecessary changes propagate a slippery slope scenario; a ‘what’s next, who’s offended now, how can we make it up to you’, vicious cycle.

If  I were to hazard a guess, the word ‘God’ will be next on the anthem lyrics chopping block.

Political correctness gone awry.

But hold on a second, where exactly was I going with this post?

sponge bob happy thoughts (2).jpg
To my chagrin, I realized just in time that my ‘splash of controversy’ was overriding the intended premise, obliterating the positives in a flurry of unpatriotic rhetoric.  The creative faucet of disparity had turned into a firehouse.  Topics like over-taxation, immigration woes, the ridiculously high price of beer and spirits, overshadowed the good stuff, like back bacon, Maple Syrup and Niagara Falls (the good side).

I’m Canadian.  We are tolerant, polite people who only fight when provoked –or when wearing skates.

And Canada’s a fantastic place to live.

This day is about appreciation, acknowledging our past and showing respect for a country envied across the world.

O Canada.

I stand on guard for thee.

To make amends on this day of celebration, and to positively promote our great nation, I leave you with some pearls of wisdom and a quip or two, from a few notorious Canucks.  Their images reflect the passion of our heritage, the pride of the Maple Leaf, and the abundance Canadian life.   It’s about more than Tim Hortons coffee, free health care and Bill Shatner.

I dedicate this post to the True North Strong and Free’ (unless the exclusion of East, West and South from the lyrics is offensive).

Until next time,

terry fox1
“I believe in miracles.  I have to.”  Terry Fox


martin short
“My happiness was never predicated first and foremost on my career.  It’s an outlook that has served me well.”  Martin Short


“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” Wayne Gretzky


“The ego is a fascinating monster.”  Alanis Morissette


“I can tell you from experience, the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.”  Jim Carrey


trailer park boys1
“CHICKEN POT PIE.  Our three favourite things.”  Trailer Park Boys.


bob and doug1
“Happy Canada Day, eh!”  Bob & Doug McKenzie

15 thoughts on “True North Strong and Free

  1. Ahhhh thank you for starting out with the Woes! My first thought today when every was spouting “Happy Canada Day” was WTF how are we strong and free when our own government is voting to change the Anthem, but not asking us for our votes on it! Where’s the freedom?? I don’t feel its sexist at all, in fact I never even considered that our anthem did not include me, how ridiculous.

    But your tribute to some of our greats made me proud again 🙂 So thanks for sharing, great blog and enjoy your Holiday…. In all Our Sons Command

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    1. Thanks so much Theresa. I vowed never to delve into a political rant on my blog, but this decision by Trudeau bugged the hell out of me. I know the anthem has been altered several times in the past, but the speed, and decision to bypass popular sentiment on this occasion, was hard to take. I appreciate the support, and wish you and yours a fantastic weekend. Cheers!


  2. Very interesting post. I’m from the States and haven’t been following news about the Canadian national anthem. I agree that “son” is not offensive and that the replacement words make no sense. Enjoy your holiday. We in the U.S. have a patriotic holiday coming shortly (and a long weekend.)

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    1. Thank you Susan, I appreciate your comment! The U.S. is no stranger to political correctness! Independence Day is right around the corner, and believe it or not, I will be celebrating with you. My daughter and I are flying out Monday morning to Florida, we have a place near Disney. Cannot wait. Canada Day & Independence Day, back to back. Wonderful. Cheers for commenting!


    1. You’re right! We are a virtual labyrinth of freshwater fun! I live half a mile from the shores of Lake Ontario, sometimes I forget what’s in front of me. Cheers, thanks for the comment!


    1. Canada will welcome you and you will love it here. Huge country, I live in Ontario, but from the West Coast to East Coast the choice of places to live is enormous. Best of luck and keep in touch!


  3. I loved the Jim Carry reference, I think I’ll throw it into a “Thursday Thought” sometime soon! And reading “like a shot of Frank’s red hot” made me chuckle aloud. I admire you patronage enlightened of the whole national anthem debacle.

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