And Now for Something Completely Different

In keeping with my recently revamped site (done out of necessity after I inadvertently obliterated my old  theme – which WordPress has since retired), I’m taking the opportunity to add some variety to my Blog. While the eccentric musings and observations will continue, occasionally, I plan to sprinkle in some personal photography, imagery, perhaps even poetry, all with a dollop of peculiar, albeit poignant commentary.

In bidding farewell to my beloved, but slightly dated, ‘Choco’ WordPress theme, I look to the future, one so bright, I’ll have to wear shades.



Which brings us to this week’s offering, a little photographic inspiration.


Red White and Blues


“Are you the police?”
“No, ma’am. We’re musicians.”

Jake and Elwood,

the Blues Brothers.

 Independence Day, 2016.  Belushi and Aykroyd, permanent fixtures at the House of Blues Restaurant & Bar, Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney), Florida.

“It’s 106 miles to Chicago. We’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.”

If you’ve not seen the film, see it.  If you’ve not heard the soundtrack, hear it.


 Until next time,

16 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely Different

    1. Cheers, thanks Amanda. I had a quick look around your sites, lots of interesting material, I will be back. And yes, I grew up watching Python, I plan to devote an entire post to them at some point. Thanks for the follow!

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  1. I must not be that observant coz I didn’t really notice it til I read this post.
    I think it’s because the background is still dark but I think the previous one was brown and now it’s black?

    BTW, A blogger friend tagged me on her blog and I thought about you.
    You just tag 3 bloggers you like so you can share their posts and support them Giver’s gain 🙂
    Check it out… “Quote Challenge (day 1 of 3)”

    Carpe diem!

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    1. Cheers! I will check out the link, thanks for thinking of me. No worries about the site change, my wife, who assures me she reads my Blog religiously, didn’t notice anything different either. Thanks again for the comment!

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      1. You’re most welcome. Let’s pay it forward. Maybe we can also support the other new bloggers by introducing them to others as well as tagging the “established” ones (like yourself) who can inspire us all.

        Carpe diem!
        Live ❤ Laugh … Belle Papillon

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