Bloggers Recognition Award

I am honored to have been nominated for the aforementioned award by a fantastic Blogger, Misggrace.   While I’ve heard of such appreciation awards, I never actually delved into what the recognition entailed.

Now that I’ve been nominated, I feel privileged to take part.

misggraceI’ve enjoyed following Misggrace’s Blog forgottenempathy for some time now.  Her writings feature an intriguing mixture of inspirational and enlightening commentary, from a Christian perspective.  One only needs to read a single article to realize her aspirations of becoming a drama and movie writer are well on their way to fruition, success firmly planted in the cross hairs. A favorite post of mine; Slow to Speak, is an example of a straightforward, yet often overlooked life lesson, one we can all benefit from.

Thank you for the nomination.

Now I’m not able to cut and run after my acceptance speech.  As per the rules, I’m obligated to provide a brief commentary on the topics below.

How did I get into Blogging?

The unedited Director’s Version (with 5 lines of previously un-read material) can be found in a prior post Why Do I Write, which delves into my tumultuous writing background.  The abridged version is much simpler. Dorothy Parker perhaps said it best, describing me to a tee:

“I hate writing. I love having written”.

While not entirely true (I do get the occasional Dopamine rush when the words spew forth unrestrained), I have battled a love-hate relationship with writing since the beginning.  Positive periods of creativity flanked by negative, inspirational droughts. Most writers have. Then came my Blog.  My introduction to blogging began last November, my primary reason –a tool to force myself into a regular writing routine. And while my posting schedule is not aggressive (weekly for the most part), I’ve kept it up, with some weeks more challenging than others, but to date, I’m still making strides, still learning, still defining my niche.

What two nuggets of advice do I have for new Bloggers?

  1. Write for yourself. Writing for profit or fame, or channeling your efforts towards a market you have no personal connection with, will hinder your chances. Considering 80% of new blogs are abandoned within the first 3 months, outlasting the competition requires focus, commitment, and honesty. Much like Stephen King’s quote (here I go again dropping quotes), “if the stuff you’re writing is not for yourself, it won’t work’, writing what you know, what you feel, is paramount. Your voice emerges when you write honestly, uncensored, warts and all. It is the best type of material to read.
  2. If building an audience is important to you, respect the 80/20 rule. Spend 20% of your time writing, and 80% promoting. By promoting, the lion’s share of work involves socializing, reading other Blogs, commenting, liking, sharing, re-posting, and making meaningful contributions. The benefits are huge, the connections you make, invaluable.

And there you have it.

Thank you again for the honor (and a topic for this week’s post – an added bonus), and thanks for taking time to read my post. If you’re so inclined, please drop by my site, I’m happy to reciprocate.  After all, we’re in this together.

In keeping with the rules, I’ve nominated the 15 excellent Bloggers below.  The official nomination and rules, will be sent to each of them.

28 thoughts on “Bloggers Recognition Award

  1. Thank you so very much Mike 😢 I am truly lost for words for all your kind remarks towards my blog😄! I am so grateful..😉 May God reward you abundantly. It’s always a pleasure reading through your post… you have a rich way with words which never ceases to amaze. Definitely looking out to your posts… the best is yet to come… can’t wait. Remain blessed 🙏

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  2. Congrats and thanks for the tips. I’m surprised by the fact that most start up bloggers quit within 3 months. Also pleased to know promotion includes reading other people’s posts & commenting, not just posting your own.

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  3. Congrats, Mike! I am new to Solsbury Hill but found The Thin Blue Line to be very thought provoking and moving. My father and 3 uncles were in the military so I am very appreciative of what soldiers and police persons do. Thank you for be willing to write about what has now become a controversial subject.

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  4. Very nice. Congratulations! Nice thoughts and tips on blogging too. I will have to check out the blogger who nominated you for the award. You gave her a good “commercial.” 🙂

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  5. Mike I will participate. However due to a glitch while working on my email the information got lost or deleted and I didn’t have time to save it. Please resend the official nomination and rules to me. Sorry about this but odd things do happen in cyber world. I will work on it then this weekend. BTW When posting can I use the photo on top here? Thank you for helping me out.

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    1. No problem at all. Feel free to use any image. Here are the rules:
      Acknowledge the nomination & the person who nominated you.
      Write a brief history of how or why you got into blogging.
      Provide two tips for new bloggers.
      Nominate 15 new bloggers for the award.

      I thinks that’s it. Good luck and have fun. Thanks also for the recent FB like! Cheers.


    1. No problem, I would have sent you the info as a ‘comment’ on one of your posts, at least I think I did. The rules are: accept the nomination and acknowledge the person who nominated you. Tell us why/how you got into Blogging. Leave two tips for new Bloggers. Nominate 15 others (that’s kind of a lot, but those were the rules). Let the new nominees know they’ve been nominated. Take care!

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  6. Here I am again. Sorry but I am totally at a loss. I understand that I must sent notification to all my 15 nominees about the award. However I have no idea how to notify them. Please advise me so that I can contact them. Thank you Mike.

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    1. No problem. Depending on their individual blogs, they may have a ‘Contact’ link, you can email them directly. Many do not, so I usually left the information in the ‘comment section, of their most recent post, or their ‘About’ page. Cheers!


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