On Writing, Misery and Misfits

misfit writer1
If you’ve read any of my prior posts, you won’t be surprised to know my relationship with writing has been a challenge, not unlike a turbulent romance, an on-again off-again affair, an excruciating part-time obsession.  That being said, as I brainstormed this week’s topic, my mind focused on the painful truths and absurdities aspiring writers contend with on a daily basis.  There is a commonality with one’s descent into misery, especially amongst like-minded individuals who share a familiar goal. In an ever shrinking global village, our similarities, our passions and dreams often mimic one another.  Like a legion of misfit doppelgangers, identical in spirit, we are connected by a common thread of hope, dreams and aspirations.

In the pretext of empathy, and in the context of shared misery, I came up with the compilation below.  I realize there’s a high probability a similar post exists on the Web (doppelgangers – remember), and while l normally research my topic for originality, I’ve forgone my usual process.  The list below is my own, carved from some inner recesses of my shrinking cerebral cortex, emanating from a series of misfiring synapses.  That is not to say the list is an actual representation of my journey – it is not.  Or is it?

Creative license is a wonderful thing.

I leave the speculation in your capable hands.

Chances are the list may be foreign to you, unfamiliar, completely irrelevant.  If that’s the case, well done.  For those who can relate, and for those who like to keep score, the worst possible mark you can achieve is 10/10.

Even I didn’t manage a ten.  Or did I?

Here we go…

You might be a candidate for acceptance into the Legion of Misfit Doppelgangers, if:

  1. You read over an old story you submitted for publication years ago, and shuddered at the thought that someone in the Publishing business actually read this.
  2. Your laptop worked fine but you convinced yourself a brand new, 4k touch screen, would stimulate inspiration.
  3. You wrote for an hour straight, read through your drivel, and abruptly went out and bought a box of wine and a lottery ticket.
  4. NANO writing month had you pumped right up until November 1st, then shit happened.
  5. After sending out your work to be critiqued, you experienced PTSD like symptoms before you had the nerve to open the response email.
  6. Out of the blue you considered switching genres to writing Children’s Books.
  7. You spent countless hours, undeterred, creating and perfecting an elaborate website promoting your literary accomplishments – none of which you’d accomplished yet.
  8. You powered down your computer early, convincing yourself a good night’s sleep would ensure a productive day in the morning.  The next day you stopped at Best Buy and picked up a PS4 Console and six games.
  9. After falsely blaming a family member/spouse for interrupting your muse, you abruptly closed your laptop, stormed off in a huff, and opened a bottle of (insert libation of choice here).
  10. When someone ever asked you if you were a writer, your response resembled the ramblings of a politician justifying a tax increase.

How’d you do?


Until next time,

54 thoughts on “On Writing, Misery and Misfits

      1. Mike, it is most writing I do (outside of work). Maybe that’s it, I write for work, create content for My Jamaican Vignettes and then the fiction writing seems to come about occasionally, like a visitor, a few times a year.

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  1. Yes to MOST. I didn’t hit a perfect 10 – however I screamed “NINE” over and over again through the house to show the famdamily what it feels like! Then I got the looks that said if I didn’t either knock it off, or explain myself, the men in white coats were being called. The dog just barked along with me as though the games had begun.
    I avoided my blog to today and hit the garden, still no inspiration for my post, but thanks for letting me know I’m not alone….perhaps the jello shoots need taste testing.

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    1. Fantastic Theresa! I really didn’t know if the post was relatable to anyone besides myself. I was 50/50 whether to post or throw it in the ‘maybe one day’ pile. Like you, I’m glad to reaffirm I’m not alone. A score of 9 is admirable, you are indeed a seasoned vet. You’ve earned your jello shots. Cheers!

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  2. I sure can relate. Many a time a glass of wine sounds like just the thing to share with a muse or two. Actually there have been moments when some sips of wine have suddenly inspired me when I thought I had lost the thread of inspiration. I am so glad that today has been an inspirational day and now it’s blogging time.

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    1. Cheers Alina, thanks so much for commenting. There’s something to be said for exuding confidence and projecting success, but I often find myself sinking in a sea of modifiers – ‘I do write, but’…. ‘I am a writer, but I also’….. and on it goes. I guess as long we know deep down, that’s all that matters in the end. Thanks again!

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  3. Haha! I can definitely relate to some of this. I’m just on the verge of contemplating sending things out for publication, so congrats to you for even getting that far! Very funny. Especially explaining your writing to other people…there’s no elevator speech for that unless you’ve achieved some measure of quote-unquote “success.” 😋

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      1. I’ve not actually done Nano, but I’ve thought about it. I am considering giving it a go this year. I find it difficult to plan out my story/script/novel in advance, I prefer to write off the seat of my pants (some call this style a ‘pantser’), so this may prove extra challenging. We’ll see. Thanks again for the kind words!

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      2. Sure! And I’m all for participating in Nano even if the word count doesn’t quite make it to 50,000. I think it’s more important to just give it a shot. That’s what I’ve told some of my friends anyway, and it’s the same thing I’m telling myself…

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    1. I’m with you on that. I was active with Critique Circle years back, a site where you critique one another’s work. Can’t tell you how many times I dreaded opening the attachment to see what other’s thought of my stuff. But that’s all part of the business I guess. Thanks for commenting Adele!

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  4. This article is insaely good! The way you describe the struggles you went through with your writing really hit right home! This is a very honest and great piece, thank you so much for sharing it! I’m glad I found your blog ^^

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  5. A sensed a sense of subjectivity in the list, =D.

    I have definitely been there, though, on so many levels. It starts with Writer Id fighting tooth and nail for some space to work. But then somewhere along the way, Coach Potato Id steps in and unabashedly asserts with the authority invested in him by the Game of Thrones, “Where’s the beer?”

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  6. That’s an easy 7. I just wrote something about commitment issues where I end rather positively stating that I will write. I’m still hoping I can maintain it. It’s the most pure love hate relationship. I love writing, most times I hate what I write.

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    1. We’re all connected, no matter how different our lives may be. It was cathartic to hear from others after I wrote this post, while I knew most writers struggle, I thought my love/hate relationship was extreme. But I realize now I’m not alone out there! I still struggle daily, and probably always will, but that’s what makes finishing a piece of work so special. One day at a time.
      Cheers, and thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Keep at it, and wonderful things will happen.

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  7. Egocentrism is each of writers’ basic right 😉 when I struggle with my ‘potential content’- I belive there is nothing more long awaited but my very novel 😉
    Keep writing ;))

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