Lest We Remember

remembrance_day_poppiesLife is a challenge.  Despite honour, integrity and knowledge, paths to society’s future are not decided by (a perception of) moral high ground, but by the majority – family, friends, neighbourhoods, towns, cities.  Everyone has an opportunity, a voice. Decisions that run counter to belief systems happen, sometimes on a grand scale.  But change is constant.  Nothing is forever.  Protest has its place, but not as a mechanism for inciting hatred, fear, refusal of acceptance.  Social outcry on the grounds of disappointment, or disbelief, is counter-productive.  Not everyone can be appeased.  Not every time.  We are unique souls.

Despite stark reality, grim realization, and uncertainty, we each choose our own paths forward.  We are granted this gift. Our lives, our future, and what we make of them, is not dependent on society’s will.  Anger, disappointment, resentment arise, but at day’s end, we have family, a home, a future.

Others before us forfeited their opportunity.  They abandoned their chance to be heard, to vote, to cherish victories or regroup in defeat.  Their voices were silenced.

So ours could be heard.

We all have a choice.  We remember what we choose to remember.  We can focus on past indiscretions, perceived injustices, or how once again an unfair world has victimized us.

Or we can appreciate what we have, and why we have it.

On sacrifices made.

On moving forward.



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