Procrastinating Screenwriter – Revisited (Again)

With 2017 virtually hours away, I had considered writing a post on the ‘year in review’, but truth be told, I ran out of time. Desperate for material, I stumbled across an article I wrote exactly one year ago. I realized my goals have not changed, my challenges with procrastination very much intact, so a Reblog (with a couple of minor updates) felt appropriate.

Here’s to wishing everyone a marvelous 2017 and beyond!  Happy New Year!!


How many want-to-be Screenwriters in the room?

I see a lot of hands.

Screenwriting promises riches and notoriety, but much like acting or professional sport, only those few with the inherent talent, and more importantly, the unstoppable drive, succeed.  Very few make a living in this arena.  Plenty of dreamers though.

I’d been interested in writing since my teens but never had the drive to keep myself on track. Back in the early 90’s I took an interest in screenwriting. I read at least a dozen books on the topic from authors like Michael Hauge, Lew Hunter, Syd Field and Dwight Swain, to name a few.  I even developed my own webpage at the time ‘The Procrastinating Screenwriter’s Page’, back before everyone and their uncle had a screenwriting site. Over the years I wrote four screenplays, three horror, one action/adventure. While the process was both exhilarating and frustrating, often at the same time…

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9 thoughts on “Procrastinating Screenwriter – Revisited (Again)

  1. What a fascinating story you have! And the point that’ll stick with me also: you’ve gotta make time to do it. Hard to do in a world full of distractions. I’ve found most people who are great at this take a little nap in the evening and get up to crank out work while everyone else in the house is asleep. Could work for you? I may attempt it but I’m so particular about my sleep – ha!! Best of luck to you and I look forward to your next blog posts. 👍🏽

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    1. Cheers, thanks so much Andrea! I’ve always had difficulty sticking to a writing routine. I’ve contemplated early mornings before work, before anyone else is up, but my mind just doesn’t want to cooperate at that hour. In the end it comes down to a discipline issue, but I’m hopeful I will finish a larger piece of work over the next few months. Time will tell. All the best to you, thanks for commenting, and keep in touch!

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      1. Absolutely! I have to be inspired to write. Sometimes I jot down blog ideas in my phone when they hit me but I’m on the go. I always have to just sit down and crank them out in a morning, an afternoon or evening. Or late night!! But it’s always a good quarter of a day for me.

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  2. Happy New Year, Mike!
    I’m glad you still have the same goals because I got to read the original post. I do admire your writing, but I’ve said that before. I hope the procrastination stops this year. Once upon a time (4th year high school to be exact), I wrote a play and I won but it was not a good win. No one else wrote a better one but mine was only good enough to be 3rd. There was no 2nd. There was no 1st! Ha-ha! I wasn’t insulted. They produced the play and the actors were awesome, I was impressed with my story. Lol!
    Anyway, what about honoring us with your participation in our Cinderella Anthology Project? I bet you’ll have a good take on the classic. Please do consider. Here’s the link to the guidelines –
    All the very best for 2017!

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    1. Yes, you were one of first ‘likes’ I received when I originally posted a year ago! Thanks so much Anne! That must have been a wonderful feeling to have a play produced. I never understood how in Hollywood, screenwriters are completely overshadowed by directors and producers. It’s never made sense to me. It all starts with the writer, always.
      I’d not heard of the Cinderella project, but I’ll definitely have a look. I forwarded your comment to work email so I don’t forget to follow up. While I can’t promise anything, (I’m in the midst of trying to revive a longer piece of fiction), I’m eager to see what it’s about. Cheers and thanks so much for your kind words and comments!

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      1. Seeing your words acted is awesome, truly! Actors and directors are amazing. I can’t act to save my life so hats off to them. I sure hope I get to see one of your scripts on the big screen some day soon.
        Thank you for considering looking at it. Theresa, a fiction author from Seattle, and I am collaborating but the success will depend a lot on the participation of other writers. We are quite excited as we think that there could be so much that can come out; so many varied perspectives and stories in different genres will definitely be very interesting. 🙂

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