When the Words Won’t Flow

I’m not sure what this week’s article was intended to be.

A smattering of purple prose,

A misguided philosophical diatribe,

Or the musings of a (temporarily) deluded mind.

You decide.

When life tosses you a contemptuous curve ball, you either submit, or swing.  And earlier this week, as I struggled to cope with the realization that the Sony PlayStation Network would be down –all Super Bowl weekend, I was hit with a one-two punch, caught completely off guard, by yet another shocking revelation.

ABBA announced a comeback tour.

It was all my mind could handle.

Circuitry overload.

Which resulted in the last minute, down to the wire, nonsensical rambling, below.


When the Words Won’t Flow

As another blogging deadline approaches, I’ve yet to find a topic that intrigues me.  Now, truth be told, ‘intrigue’ is a bit of a stretch, presently I’d settle for a topic that pacifies, one that trickles forth, a drop at a time, unencumbered, without the need for the right-click, copy, delete scenario.  That’s been the process the entire week.  Nothing noteworthy, nothing unique, just mundane, pedestrian fodder, worthy only of the recycle bin.

While I’m not exactly in unfamiliar territory, I find myself adrift in the withered waters of a dullard’s creative spectrum, struggling to reignite a meandering muse.  And, as the week marches on, and a deadline looms, I remain lost, wandering aimlessly through the blank canvass of muted thought, mitigating impending failure on the desperation of a writer’s crutch.

The proverbial cerebral traffic jam.

Pausing to consider what errant thoughts, quandaries, perplexities, are responsible for thwarting my desire to pontificate, I ruminate.  I question the very nature of existential thought. What random notions, superfluous factoids, ideological dilemmas, could be so problematic, so sinister, that my words do not flow?

I reassess, reexamine, and ponder the parallels.

And in doing so, the trickling tap of muted inspiration opens, albeit slightly.  With the precision of an incision, I delve deeper, peeling back the layers, until eventually, the root cause of the absconding mind is revealed.

ABBA. PlayStation.

Internal conflict, turmoil.

Is this merely inconsequential, irrelevant tripe?

Or a sustained subconscious construct, an inherent disconnect, one that stifles productivity, diminishes effort, and prevents the writer from writing.

A conundrum.

Not writer’s block, nor writer’s remorse.

Rather a mind’s preoccupation with the inconsequential.

An overabundance of conflicting thought.

An expired muse.

That awaits regeneration.

Through a Call of Duty,

Where the Winner Takes it All.


Until next time,

34 thoughts on “When the Words Won’t Flow

  1. Been there… it frustrated me so much not being able to write a single word. Even if I was writing I felt it was crap and deleted it immediately.
    Like Celune Dion was saying (no relation to the song) – it’s all coming back to me

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    1. It’s just a matter of forcing yourself to write (easier said than done, especially when the tv remote’s within reach), but usually pays off. I try not to delete anything that’s longer than a couple of paragraphs, but depending on my mood, sometimes it all ends up in the recycle bin. Cheers, thanks for commenting, always a pleasure to hear from you!


  2. Mike, I thought your words alone on this post were very entertaining. However, I understand the your struggle. I work on stories every morning only to be at loss for an idea to post on my own blog. I’m waiting for the magical word manna to dust my balding head for something to entertain or inspire another. None the less I enjoyed your post. 🙂

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    1. Thanks John, I appreciate the feedback. When it gets down to the wire I’m tempted to reblog an older post if I have nothing ready, but try to keep that as a last resort. I carved this post up so much, it looks nothing like the original version, but eventually ran out of tweaking time. Happy that I got something out this week though. Thanks for the kind words, and also for the FB share, much appreciated!

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      1. Thanks John, I appreciate it. It’s always a welcomed boost when someone comments on, or chooses to share your work. I’ve been tinkering with creating a second Blog/website, just for that purpose, there’s so much creative material I come across, I’d like to capture and promote. One of these days. Cheers!

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  3. Still, your use of the English language makes all your posts worthy 🙂 can I brain meld with you? I have been working with a constant turnover of 16-22-year-olds for so long that my brain is mush!

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    1. I hear ya, I’ve been living strictly for the weekends ever since the holiday season ended, can’t seem to shake the rut of having no energy or inspiration during the week. Hopefully once February is in the rear view mirror I’ll see a turn around. Thanks for the kind words Theresa, always enjoy hearing from you!


  4. I don’t know what you carved out, but what you left behind is quite tasty. This is a great post. As we say over at Bonnywood, sometimes having nothing is the greatest motivation of all and can lead to some of the most inspired pieced. At least that’s what I whisper to myself at night. (Unrelated side note: I have actually sported all four hairstyles, and I use that term loosely, exhibited in ABBA’s Aluminum Foil Tribute there at the end. And yes, I’ve had counseling since then.)

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    1. I had to include the aluminum foil shot, if nothing else to remind the younger readers that this is what buffed looked like in the 70’s. Eat your heart out Justin.
      Glad to hear the counseling worked, steer clear of the comeback tour, like alcoholism, it only takes one relapse.
      Cheers, thanks for visiting Brian!

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  5. Mike – that picture of ABBA was priceless. Although I hate to admit it but I kind of like them. Every time Dancing Queen comes on, I can’t help but sing along and dance. Good times. Even though you were struggling, you still wrote something. I think you should be commended for that. Blog topics can be elusive at times and then out of the blue you can be struck by inspiration. Keep chasing your muse!

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    1. Who’s kidding who, I used a bit of artistic license to salvage a post, but in truth, I pulled out the ABBA gold CD a couple of years back and gave it a spin for old time’ sake. And even our 13 year old is a fan after watching Mama Mia with her mother.
      I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Boney M reunion in the near future.
      Thanks Susan, BTW, I’m now utilizing GPS technology to track my muse, here’s hoping!

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  6. I don’t know if your elusive muse inspires you to write about your state of writing despair and while she (muse) must be taken to task for her constant disappearance, this same flaw of hers has perhaps made you a master of posting about this topic in the most excellent and entertaining way. I can only wish to write as you do. I do wish for you to find the words for the next post.
    And the last pic of ABBA is rather scary, although not enough to scare me away from their songs. They’re my best! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Anne! And I agree, pictures aside, their music has stood the test of time, no one can argue that. Just not sure if I’m ready to see them on stage 40 years later.
      Cheers, thanks for commenting, always a pleasure to hear from you!

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  7. Funny post. I’ve certainly been there! Actually, I think I’m there now. I’m struggling to fill up my editorial calendar for the next 6-month.
    ABBA, they are one of those bands where you think you only know one of their songs until you listen to their greatest hits album and find yourself singing every song.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I finally got around to upgrading to a PS4 at Christmas. I’m terrible at the new COD, don’t play enough, don’t know the maps, but then again, I only play on weekends. Cheers, thanks for the visits and ‘likes’!


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