A Musical Moment – Bram Tchaikovsky

bram-tchaikovsky (2)
Bram Tchaikovsky hit the US Top 40 single charts in 1979 with the song ‘Girl of My Dreams’, from his debut album, Strange Man, Changed Man. Guitarist and lead vocalist of the band, Tchaikovsky, born Peter Bramall, left the UK punk band ‘The Motors’ in 1977 to form his own group, with Mickey Broadbent and Keith Boyce. Notorious as a power-pop genre band, the group released two further albums, The Russians Are Coming (also released as Pressure), and Funland, achieving moderate success on both sides of the Atlantic.



     DDespite the popularity of their first album, sales of their subsequent records declined and the group disbanded in 1981, with Tchaikovsky leaving the music business.

Yours truly squandered his opportunity to see the band live at the El Mocambo in Toronto back in 1980 (the same venue where the Rolling Stones staged a surprise concert in 1977, under the pseudonym ‘The Cockroaches).  Ah, regrets.

On a positive note, the album Strange Man, Changed Man is now available on Apple Music for digital download; no turntables or tape decks required.

Good music doesn’t have an expiration date.

                              This musical moment was brought to you by a Strange Man, indeed.

                                                                                                                                     Until next time,