Green Tea and Bacon

green_tea (2)
I keep myself in decent shape. For a guy approaching (early) retirement, I can still bench-press my own weight, keep a decent pace on my Trek (bicycle), and down a Big Mac in 20 seconds.

But despite regular exercise and a reasonable – but not perfect diet (the Big Mac comment was in jest, although I recently watched the documentary ‘Supersize Me’ and I’ve been craving McDonalds ever since), despite all of this, my health challenges continue.

bacon (2)
I’m predisposed to high cholesterol, regardless of exercise or weight loss. More recently, high blood sugar has entered the race, another looming health risk. While I’ve managed to avoid pharmaceutical solutions so far, my options are dwindling.

No red meat, no pasta, no bread, no cheese, no potatoes, no rice. And the one time per week I’m allowed chicken or pork, the portion is supposed to be small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. I’m sorry, that’s called a chicken nugget.

What’s left except fish and grass?

Short of moving to a juicing diet (check out the documentary by Joe Cross,  Fat Sick and Nearly Dead’ and its sequel, both excellent), I’m running out of ideas –no offence to vegetarians and vegans alike.

So being the creative type, I came up with my own diet.

It’s based on balance, Yin Yang. When you can’t be good all the time, be good some of the time.

I introduce to you the Green Tea and Bacon diet, which I sometimes refer to as;

the ‘Asian Carnivore’.

Use your imagination.  It’s like ordering the Triple Value Meal, with a Coke Zero on the side.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

Until next time,

asian_carnivore (2)


24 thoughts on “Green Tea and Bacon

  1. I think this good thing works according to our own body as well, on how our stomach tolerates different foods. My dad does not smoke, drink or eat any fried food, he is very careful with the amount of salt he has and bread, he has his own garden so all vegetables are organic plus he has bees so obviously honey is all natural – think of these and imagine he has a high cholesterol. Now on the other side is my mum who smokes, has a drink, doesn’t care what she eats as in not being careful with it and her cholesterol is absolutely fine 😳

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    1. Yes, sometimes, lifestyle has no impact. Genetics plays a part like with your dad. I see homeless people , 75 years old, smoked and drank every day of their lives, full head of thick hair, good skin, probably fantastic cholesterol level.
      No complaint’s though!

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    1. Bacon is so good you even put it on other meat, like steak. I’ve been technically ‘pre-diabetic’ for the past few years, so between that and fatty foods, my dining options are dwindling (except on weekends). Cheers Rebecca!

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      1. My biggest help was organic lemon juice and water. That is my drink of choice. When I gave up diet soda and all things with aspartame (it is poison!) it was the best thing for my out of control blood sugar and I lost 60 lbs too! I love bacon! 🙂

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  2. I wholeheartedly support this mission. In fact, to show my solidarity, I will now sample every flavor and cut of bacon found in the entire DFW area, just to make sure you aren’t missing out on some quality strips of meat. Detailed spreadsheet to follow…

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    1. Much appreciated Brian! I am especially moved knowing you are putting your own heath at risk, to help a fellow blogger. BTW, I am a fan of extra crispy, actually preferring the second batch of bacon that was fried in the first batch’s grease. Cheers!

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