Christmas Eve Guest List

With December upon us, traditional seasonal movies and shows have begun to monopolize the entertainment spectrum within our household. Polar Express, our annual kick-off-the-season film, was scratched off the list last weekend, along with back-to-back animated UK shorts, The Snowman and Father Christmas, and the Netflix Special, A Very Murray Christmas.

Home Alone, Scrooged, and Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, are just a few that are on tap for this Saturday—amongst others.

I’d written previously on my Top Ten Christmas Movies, and despite the convenience (and appeal) of a quick re-blog, there was little value in regurgitating a prior post, especially since my picks remain solid—immovable, like a tongue frozen to a flag pole.

To mix things up a bit however, I delved a little deeper into my psyche, analyzing my selections; what I liked, who I liked, and why.

Which led me down the pathway of a fantastical, wish-upon-a-star, surreal daydream.

Who would I invite (mortality and my lack of wealth and power aside) to a highbrow—VIP, once-in-a-lifetime Christmas Eve dinner party, hosted by me, in my home.

I envisioned the setting.

Snow falling,
Fireplace lit,
Vince Guaraldi Jazz Quartet playing in the background,
7-course meal,
Raucous banter.

It would be one for the books, to be sure.

My guest list is intentionally limited to (my personal) Holiday Classics, characters I grew up with and cherish to this day.

My List
(in no particular order)

Darren McGavin
Chevy Chase
Alistair Sim
Jim Varney
Randy Quaid
Bill Murray
Will Ferrell
Jim Carrey

And to dispel any misogynistic accusations;

Zooey Deschanel
Phoebe Cates
Catherine O’Hara

And there you have it.

If you happen to be around on the 24th, and you’re so inclined, I may be able to squeeze in an extra place setting—as long as you don’t mind sitting beside cousin Eddie.

Come for 5:30.

And bring wine.

Something tells me these cats drink a lot of wine.

Until next time,

 wine_bottles_senczyszak (3)

12 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Guest List

    1. I’d like both Randy’s to be there (80’s and present). I follow him on Twitter, he’s been on a rant lately about all the sex assault allegations against Hollywood heavy weights.
      Gotta love Randy, and he’s married to a Canadian to boot! Cheers Theresa!

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