The Evolution of Blog

Another retro-post as I collect my thoughts and ponder the future of Blog.

sporkI’ve come to a spork in the road.

Since my blogging adventure began, the design of my website has changed on a couple of occasions. The first change was cosmetic, the second by accident. I was experimenting with WordPress ‘Customizer’ (honestly, just tinkering, no malice intended), when I inadvertently hit the wrong tab and obliterated my old design. The new theme was merciless, wreaking havoc with my site, juxtaposing images, eradicating menus, dissolving uniformity.

A year’s worth of archives, jumbled.

And to my chagrin, the cure-all ‘revert to original’ option turned out to be a placebo, WordPress had retired my old theme.

After hours of editing and re-editing, the current site was born. But, like the creation of the spork; a melding of two divergent streams, an evolution of blog was inevitable.

I’m looking to move away from a standard blogging site, towards more of an Author’s Page.

Which author…

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4 thoughts on “The Evolution of Blog

  1. Evolution is important, and sometimes technology pushes you out of your sacred spot…It is unsettling to say the least. But I think you should declare war… reclaim your blog voice and bury those theme killers with the spork. It is important that readers and potential readers be able to keep up with you, keep you in mind, and discover reasons why they might like to buy things your write between covers…Do stay. Tell us more. Some of us like your voice!

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    1. Thanks so much for the words of inspiration! The challenges of keeping a Blog current certainly haven’t subsided over time. But I was likely fooling myself if I thought this would get easier. Cheers KC, much appreciated!

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