On Retirement

I’ve recently retired.

A nice feeling.

After 31 years of toiling away, I have no more excuses.

 That next novel won’t write itself.

The insidious cycle of planning, note-taking, brainstorming (i.e. procrastinating); ends.

And the writing begins.

In anticipation, I’ve re-vamped my writing space; added a new Dell monitor I didn’t need, a wireless keyboard, laser mouse.

I re-read Stephen Kings’ On Writing for a kick in the inspirational pants.

Decided on a main character and a premise.

And that’s it.

A ‘pantsing’ I will go.

No excuses.

But wait.

There is Christmas on the horizon.

peanuts christmas



Come January, I’m all in.

Wish me luck.

34 thoughts on “On Retirement

    1. Dear Mike and Theresa,

      May you both succeed brilliantly in your writing projects!

      Since you write fictions, I would like to recommend to you a very detailed guideline or blueprint that I have made available to writers. It is published at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/manuscript/

      The said “Manuscript Assessment Criteria” page provides a complete checklist for writers to evaluate and inspect their own works (either by themselves or with a group of readers) before submitting their manuscripts to publishers, and also during successive edits after the previous submission(s) and before the next submission.

      Please kindly let me know what you think of the Manuscript Assessment Criteria by leaving a comment there, especially if you think that it could be improved in one way or the other.


  1. Congratulations, welcome to the Club, and brace yourself for the realization that once you have time to do anything you want, you will discover a lot of things you suddenly want to do (that don’t necessarily involve writing)… 😉

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