Growing Up

Another retro-post. Our now 16-year old is less a fan of Fall Out Boy, and more into the timeless classics of Blur and Pearl Jam. Now if I can only get her to listen to some Gabriel or Buffett!


“Pardon me, but I have some growing up to do.”

I remember that introduction by Peter Gabriel like it was yesterday.

I last saw Peter in concert back in 2003, in Toronto, the North American leg of his ‘Growing Up Tour’ in full swing.

The last concert I attended.

Until now.

Our 13-year old cornered me (after mom’s clever deflection) holding her IPad like it was a sacred scroll, a gleam of want in her eye. The band ‘Fall Out Boy’, her absolute favorite, just announced a 2017 concert tour, with a stop in Toronto.

Who is this Fall Out Boy, you ask?

Good question.

They sing the song ‘Uma Thurman’.

Now you know as much as I do.

The words ‘are you kidding, you’re not grown up enough’ resounded in my head, but I held back, opting to listen patiently to a well-rehearsed argument. I left her with a firm

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