Growing Up

Another retro-post. Our now 16-year old is less a fan of Fall Out Boy, and more into the timeless classics of Blur and Pearl Jam. Now if I can only get her to listen to some Gabriel or Buffett!


“Pardon me, but I have some growing up to do.”

I remember that introduction by Peter Gabriel like it was yesterday.

I last saw Peter in concert back in 2003, in Toronto, the North American leg of his ‘Growing Up Tour’ in full swing.

The last concert I attended.

Until now.

Our 13-year old cornered me (after mom’s clever deflection) holding her IPad like it was a sacred scroll, a gleam of want in her eye. The band ‘Fall Out Boy’, her absolute favorite, just announced a 2017 concert tour, with a stop in Toronto.

Who is this Fall Out Boy, you ask?

Good question.

They sing the song ‘Uma Thurman’.

Now you know as much as I do.

The words ‘are you kidding, you’re not grown up enough’ resounded in my head, but I held back, opting to listen patiently to a well-rehearsed argument. I left her with a firm

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Pandora’s Box – A Writer’s Kryptonite

I’ve since given up on Android Boxes, but oh, there is so much more available now…


This post breaks one of the cardinal rules of successful Blogging, that is –don’t write primarily about yourself.  With millions of blogs to sift through, readers want something they can use, learn or benefit from.  This is may not be that post.

Pardon me while I self indulge.

We’ve all faced that blank page.

Whether it’s a novel, script, article, or weekly blog post, reluctance to write versus initiative to create, is an epic battle.  I’m not talking writer’s block specifically, more so the general dread of confronting that creative vacuum, especially when so many pleasant alternatives exist.  Like folding laundry.

Five years ago I phased television out of my life.  Not that I was an addict, but my writing regime suffered, runner-up to every menial task imaginable.  Something had to go and television drew the short straw.  For the next while TV was regulated to weekend movie…

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Island Dreaming

A blast from the past…

My favourite show growing up was Gilligan’s Island. As a kid, Bob Denver and crew lavished me with unbridled slapstick hilarity, amidst a setting (and predicament) that fascinated me—a deserted island. What I didn’t realize then, was that creator Sherwood Schwartz’s vision planted a seed that would germinate into a genre-fetish for me, one that continues to this day.

Storylines that revolve around humanity’s survival after a devastating or cataclysmic event, fascinate me.

For the crew and passengers of the S.S. Minnow, their devasting event began with a 3-hour tour gone awry; a shipwreck on an uncharted tropical isle. Their plight promised mystery, adventure and intrigue, in between gaffes, pratfalls and absurdity.

How would they survive?

What secrets was the island hiding?

I loved the premise and, as an impressionable young kid, imagined myself as the 8th castaway. I even (audio) tape-recorded episodes to play back later…

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