I Don’t Like Writing

Originally posted October, 2016.


snoopy_doesnt_like_writingI don’t like writing.

But I love having written.

This candid quote by Dorothy Parker describes me well.  First drafts suck, mine in particular.  It’s no wonder I’m consumed with trepidation at the thought of another journey into the barren landscape and soulless void of the new story.

Finding inspiration is difficult, especially knowing the initial drivel will require intensive repair, realignment and restructuring.  And that’s only if the first draft survives the shit pile.  It often does not.  A mere paragraph is enough to incite a sudden pause, a deliberate lowering of the head into the hands, followed by the obligatory sigh of despair.  Right click, highlight, delete.  What else have I got?

But alas, so bends the path of the aspiring writer.  First drafts contain the kernel, the seed. Subsequent revisions nurture that tiny creative concoction into either a towering oak, flowering bush, or a bent twig.  The…

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What’s Left to Write About?

Another stroll down memory lane. What IS left to write about?


“The magnificent talons, unbridled and asymmetrical, grasped the decaying carcass, lifting it high into the heavens, on wings of celestial despair.”

I’m pretty sure that sentence is original.  No other person on the planet has penned that particular passage.  At least I hope not.

I subscribe to the monkey theorem, that is, ‘give me a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters’, and they will eventually pen the works of William Shakespeare.  Replace monkeys with three hundred million bloggers at three hundred million keyboards, and every topic imaginable is written, rewritten, reinvented, rejuvenated and rehashed.  Every   –   single  –   line.   Except for my gem above, of course.

And the point?

There’s nothing original left to write.  Pessimistic view, but factual.  Each week I brainstorm, rack my frontal lobe, jot down notes, research, evaluate, reevaluate, and abruptly toss the idea into the bin.  Well not entirely. I keep notes…

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No Post This Week

One from the archives. And since I have no post this week,… how appropriate.


no post this week

Yet another challenging week nailing down a topic alluring enough to keep my fingers moving and my Central Scrutinizer at bay.  Ideas came painfully slow, the rejections – Vin Diesel paced, fast and… you know the rest.

Up first, a comical analysis of ‘Narcissism in our Society’ – a tribute to those mirror worshiping individuals who keep Earth in orbit.  The topic had promise, relevant to many, but in the end, didn’t pan out.  My uncooperative creative-side argued the timing may be construed as an anti-Trump rant, an attempt at bandwagon jumping, and a sense that I had a vested interested in the presidential election.  While I admit the Clinton/Trump debacle is captivating, even for non-Americans, political commentary is not my cup of Long Island Ice Tea, at least not in this forum.  As a part-time Sunshine State resident I probably should pay more attention to the circus, but…

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