Happy Anniversary

This month marks two years since the inception of my blog. To commemorate, I’m taking my laptop out for dinner and drinks later.

Proofreading for Dummies

I’m on the verge of finalizing a manuscript, and while I’d previously written on the benefits of a professional edit, I chose to stick with my original plan, and keep my financial investment to a minimum (at least for my first entry into the world of self-publishing.)

Breaking the (Negative) Pattern

A re-blog from last October. I’m on holiday, don’t judge!😉


Years back I read Tony Robbin’s book Awaken the Giant Within, an inspiring self-help book on the attributes of living a happy and prosperous life.  I’ve read similar books over the years, by various authors, and while I usually fall short of adhering to the inherent step-by-step instructions for success, I always mentally file away a few positives for future reference.  Awaken the Giant Within was one such book, pivotal in helping to redefine my aspirations and goals, at a time of uncertainty.

While my career path did not alter dramatically, my mindset did, and to this day, when I find myself regressing, slipping back to the dark side, a tiny voice pipes up and reminds me to break the (negative) pattern.   The concept, one I utilize, is ingrained in my thought processes, and (hopefully) kicks in when life’s challenges begin to overwhelm.

Breaking the pattern is not an original…

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