Tell Me Why, I Don’t Like (Blue) Mondays

Blue Monday just passed. I survived. Although I’m aware of the concept, it never dawned on me that this past Monday held any significance—other than it was another dreary, back-to-work morning in January for yours truly. Little did I realize this was the day regarded as the most depressing 24-hour period of the year. Pseudo-scientifically, … Continue reading Tell Me Why, I Don’t Like (Blue) Mondays

The Eeyore Syndrome

Self-deprecation is a personal trait I hold in high regard. I’m not talking ‘Eeyore level’ self-deprecation, that perpetual deluge of negative commentary that borders on the psychotic. I’m referring to some old-fashioned unpretentious self-criticism, a few good-natured ribs; in other words, some genuine, unadulterated, anti-extroverted behavior. I find the attribute an admirable quality in others, … Continue reading The Eeyore Syndrome

A Very Murray Christmas

If you love the thought of a magical snowy Christmas -- in New York City. with your host, Bill Murray. Some Jazz. and Paul Shaffer, Miley Cyrus, George Clooney, Rashida Jones, Amy Poehler Chris Rock, among others... watch this Netflix special. Yule love it! Merry Christmas!