Page Twenty-Five

Retro post.

I’ve come to the realization, through my pseudo-masochistic, life-long labor of love, that I am not a ‘plotter’.

In fact the more preparation I put into a longer piece of fiction, whether it’s a screenplay or book, the greater the odds I abandon the project, forthwith.  Despite time spent outlining, creating a three act structure, incorporating rising conflict, theme, detailed character analysis, in spite of all of this, the more time I put in, the higher the probability I jump ship, usually by page twenty-five.

Page twenty-five.

The point at which the muck & mire of my scripted creativity; the self-imposed chains of a confined journey on a one-way roadmap, prove fatal.  My efforts to craft a clever storyline, one that sees a likeable hero tackle adversity, overcome tragedy, learn a valuable life lesson, and save the day – in grandiose style, is all for naught.

My inspiration wanes, frustration…

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The Evolution of Blog

Another retro-post as I collect my thoughts and ponder the future of Blog.

sporkI’ve come to a spork in the road.

Since my blogging adventure began, the design of my website has changed on a couple of occasions. The first change was cosmetic, the second by accident. I was experimenting with WordPress ‘Customizer’ (honestly, just tinkering, no malice intended), when I inadvertently hit the wrong tab and obliterated my old design. The new theme was merciless, wreaking havoc with my site, juxtaposing images, eradicating menus, dissolving uniformity.

A year’s worth of archives, jumbled.

And to my chagrin, the cure-all ‘revert to original’ option turned out to be a placebo, WordPress had retired my old theme.

After hours of editing and re-editing, the current site was born. But, like the creation of the spork; a melding of two divergent streams, an evolution of blog was inevitable.

I’m looking to move away from a standard blogging site, towards more of an Author’s Page.

Which author…

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Island Dreaming

My favourite show growing up was Gilligan’s Island. As a kid, Bob Denver and crew lavished me with unbridled slapstick hilarity, amidst a setting (and predicament) that fascinated me—a deserted island. What I didn’t realize then, was that creator Sherwood Schwartz’s vision planted a seed that would germinate into a genre-fetish for me, one that … Continue reading Island Dreaming