Pandora’s Box – A Writer’s Kryptonite

This post breaks one of the cardinal rules of successful Blogging, that is –don’t write primarily about yourself.  With millions of blogs to sift through, readers want something they can use, learn or benefit from.  This is may not be that post. Pardon me while I self indulge. We’ve all faced that blank page. Whether … Continue reading Pandora’s Box – A Writer’s Kryptonite

A New Distraction from Writing -Detectorists

I recently watched the first season of  a new show on Netflix, 'Detectorists', written and directed by Mackenzie Crook.  I loved the show, and despite trying to space out and savour all six episodes (yes, that's an entire season in Britain), the credits on the final episode were rolling in no time.  The show is set in … Continue reading A New Distraction from Writing -Detectorists