A New Distraction from Writing -Detectorists

DetectoristsI recently watched the first season of  a new show on Netflix, ‘Detectorists’, written and directed by Mackenzie Crook.  I loved the show, and despite trying to space out and savour all six episodes (yes, that’s an entire season in Britain), the credits on the final episode were rolling in no time.  The show is set in Britain, obviously, and follows two pals whose hobby is metal detecting – searching for long buried Saxon gold, but usually finding only pull tabs and the occasional button.  The term ‘detectorist’ was new to me.  Throughout the show, people mistakenly refer to our main characters as ‘metal detectors’ but that’s incorrect – the hardware they use is the metal detector, they are ‘detectorists’.

I have always enjoyed Mackenzie Crook’s roles (he played the British version of Dwight in the BBC’s ‘The Office’ – I loved the US series, but Ricky Gervais’ original version is superior).  Crook also played the pirate (with the glass eye) in the Pirate of the Caribbean Movies.  He is a unique, hilarious talent.

And now to my point.  I like the show, yes, but I’m also now intrigued with the whole concept of metal detecting.  As I approach retirement, I’m looking for things that interest me, something I can pursue to keep myself busy, and healthy.  Writing is always a challenge, and the fact that my current screenplay in progress got hung up on page 35, and more recently, my Cape Breton Christmas novella just stalled, I think a distraction like becoming a ‘detectorist’, may be just the thing.  And, just like that, I’ve begun researching metal detectors, visiting websites, immersing myself in Youtube videos, and so forth.  I tend to go overboard with product comparison, pricing, etc., but I’ve already decided on capping my spending at about $400 to $500 on my entry level detector, something like a Garrett Ace 350, Fisher Pro, or a Minelab 305.  Considering some of these detectors go for thousands of dollars,  I’m probably good to go with an entry/hobbyist level unit.  There is no rush to purchase, winter is only just beginning for us, so I have some time to cool my jets.

Lastly, I don’t have expectations of unearthing unimaginable riches, but I think this may be something I can get excited about.

Or perhaps I’ll get back to more serious writing, soon.

We’ll see.



6 thoughts on “A New Distraction from Writing -Detectorists

  1. Don’t rush into getting a detector that meets you budget, focus on getting a detector that meets your needs. You’ll need to consider where you will primarily detect, and what machine operates best in those conditions.

    In addition, remember to keep some of your budget for a pinpointer. You can go as cheap as $19.99 at harbor freight. But with a budget approaching $100, you can get a Garrett Pinpointer that will cut your “recovery” time in half.

    Something to think about. Happy Hunting and Good Luck!

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    1. Thanks for the info, great advice. I’m on hold until Spring, but I’ve spent a lot of time perusing the web, and even recently joined a Metal Detecting forum, some members living in my area. Since the blog, I’m now leaning towards an AT Pro, or Minelab 705, kind of favouring the latter (so much for my budget, big surprise). I’ve read the Garrett pinpointer is one of the better ones, and that’s the one I want!
      Looking forward to the end of winter more than ever this year. Thanks for dropping a line!


      1. Sure thing. Do you have any water detecting in your plans? If so, the AT Pro is a great machine up to about 15 feet under water. Maybe 10, I can’t remember. It’s the machine that I use. I also bought the new carrot (orange) ProPointer that garrett makes. Couldn’t be happier with that thing!


  2. I don’t plan on water detecting which is why I’m leaning a towards the 705. I do like the look of the Pro over the Minelab however. Price point is similar, so if one goes on sale, that may influence my decision. I’m sure I’ll be happy with either one though. Cheers!


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