Deserted Island Flash Drive

A clichéd concept yes, not original, but worthy of consideration, given the proliferation of world conflict, natural disasters, and post-apocalyptic infatuation.

True North Strong and Free

Happy 150th Birthday Canada! In honour of the occasion, a re-post from Canada Day 2016. Keep your stick on the ice!

July 1st 2017 Update:  Happy 150th Canada!
canada day july2

I’m posting a day earlier than usual this week.

July 1st is Canada Day, a holiday that celebrates national pride, culture, and perhaps more importantly, the beginning of summer.

To commemorate, I thought I’d share a list of things that made me proud to be Canadian, but in retrospect, I feared a list might come across as a tad cliché and unimaginative.  In an effort to alleviate eye-rolls and an increased bounce rate, adding a splash of controversy, like a shot of Frank’s Red Hot, seemed like a fitting method to spice things up.  So I thought about brainstorming some negatives, things that annoyed me, intrinsic qualities I could do without – Mike’s roadmap to a better Canada.

Glowing tributes spewed forth unbridled, until I stopped to ponder the negatives.  Progress slowed, thinking of those festering little one-offs we occasionally endure about…

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Scandalous Prognostication

For those living in North America, or anyone who visits for that matter, February 2nd marks an important day in the proliferation of prognostication. Never mind the Farmer’s Almanac, each 2nd of February, Americans and Canadians predicate their annual battle with Seasonal Affective Disorder, on the predictions of a rodent.