Lessons Learned from a Squirrel

Last weekend I made a new backyard friend. And I got to thinking. Creative types like to stand out from the masses, be individualistic, unique—emulated. For many (myself included) we often fail. Artistic creatures, writers in particular, struggle from cradle to mobility-scooter, forever trying to define their voice, tame their inner critic and keep the … Continue reading Lessons Learned from a Squirrel

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Excuses

I’ve decided to get back into photography. Not that I ever abandoned the pursuit altogether, but my purchase of a Nikon Coolpix a few years back (mainly for the portability and video capability) rendered my older Canon DSLR obsolete. I grew tired of carrying around two cameras, one for photos, one for video, and while … Continue reading A Picture is Worth a Thousand Excuses