On Writing, Misery and Misfits

Another blast from the past. Still relevant though.


misfit writer1
If you’ve read any of my prior posts, you won’t be surprised to know my relationship with writing has been a challenge, not unlike a turbulent romance, an on-again off-again affair, an excruciating part-time obsession.  That being said, as I brainstormed this week’s topic, my mind focused on the painful truths and absurdities aspiring writers contend with on a daily basis.  There is a commonality with one’s descent into misery, especially amongst like-minded individuals who share a familiar goal. In an ever shrinking global village, our similarities, our passions and dreams often mimic one another.  Like a legion of misfit doppelgangers, identical in spirit, we are connected by a common thread of hope, dreams and aspirations.

In the pretext of empathy, and in the context of shared misery, I came up with the compilation below.  I realize there’s a high probability a similar post exists on the Web (doppelgangers – remember)…

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Not a Best-Selling Author

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Lessons Learned from a Squirrel

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