Club 500

wordpress_500_followers-3500.  A milestone.

If you embrace the concept of numerology, or ‘Angel Numbers’, as some refer to them, the number 500 represents sweeping changes in one’s life, a transition from the ‘old ways’, towards motivated, positive growth.  500 promotes courage and personal freedom, the traits necessary to achieve your life’s mission, as only your intuition and higher-self understands.

Perhaps the universe is speaking to me.

It began a little over a year ago with an idea and an aspiration.  The world needed more Blogs. I occasionally had something to say.  So why not?

After comparing the attributes, the pros and cons, glowing reviews versus scathing criticisms, I had to choose a platform.  Would it be WordPress or Blogger?  Beta or VHS?

No surprise to anyone reading, WordPress won the Pepsi challenge.

And, 15 months later, I find myself at mile marker 500. 

500 WordPress followers.

Quite an accomplishment for an inspirationally-challenged individual, one who loves to procrastinate and hates to write.

All joking aside, I am humbled and deeply grateful.  While I’m not naïve enough to believe 500+ adoring followers are tuning in regularly, waiting with bated breath for their weekly installment of unconventional wisdom, it’s an honor just to be nominated. 

Wait, wrong speech. 

Joking aside (again), for everyone who’s visited, and especially for those who made themselves at home, I thank you.

Blogging is a challenge, and the occasional acknowledgement from one’s peers goes a long way.  While an audience is never a requirement, nor a prerequisite for the creative soul, recognition in the form of followers is akin to a successful harvest; a culmination of months of planting, nurturing and hard work.  You spare your darlings, release your words into the cosmos, and move on.  A labor of love, if done correctly.

Let’s continue to support one another.  Stop by my place, I’ll stop by yours.

Thank you, not only to my WordPress 500, but to all my subscribers, and any others who surreptitiously visit under the cover of darkness, like Batman, hidden behind the anonymity of a faceless Avatar.   

I know you’re out there. 

And I welcome you.

Until next time,



61 thoughts on “Club 500

  1. Congrats Mike! Cool thing about WordPress subscriptions is that they get your email when you post. So they will come read. Blogspot’s follow and email subscriptions are separate. I don’t think I have any email subscribers lol. Your posts is always nice to read. So when I see new post from Mike I always open the mail.

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    1. I appreciate that Lorenza, thanks! WordPress has the option to turn off email notifications while still following, I’m sure many subscribers choose that option, especially if they’re following multiple blogs. My email subscriber list is small, which is fine, I know people get inundated with emails as it is. Cheers, thanks for commenting!


    1. Thanks John. It’s always a work in progress. The real challenge is keeping connected with everyone. I try to set time aside to visit everyone who visits me, there’s so much great material, I could spend an entire day reading posts and barely make a dent. So is the world of Blogging. Cheers, and thanks for the comment, always appreciated!

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    1. I found once I crossed the 100 mark, as long as I kept reaching out an visiting others, the followers started coming more frequently. It’s always been a two way street, as it should be, so I am thankful, and I know I’ve got more work ahead. Cheers, thanks as always!

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      1. Thank you so much, Mike. That means a lot to me coming from such an awesome writer whose work I enjoy tremendously. And yes, a successful novel or two… or more. Life might surprise us. ☺ Have a fabulous Sunday.

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      2. My pleasure Anne. And yes, I will have a fabulous Sunday, for tomorrow is ‘Family Day’ in our province, which means a well needed long weekend A nice way to dampen the February blahs. Cheers, lets get back to work on our novels and be done with the 9-5 once and for all!

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  2. Congratulations! I like numbers too. I look at how many hits or “pageviews” I’ve had on my posts. I like for them all to be 500 at a minimum. So far I’ve had 276,000+ hits on the 142 posts. I hope that means a lot of people are laughing at me. Wait,,,uh,,,you know what I mean.

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    1. Thank you!
      Those are some impressive numbers you’ve racked up, well done! Your page view numbers dwarf my stats, and that’s including the people that inadvertently visit my site looking for lyrics to a Peter Gabriel song. I still count those as validated stats though.
      As long as they’re laughing, who cares why? Cheers!

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  3. Congrats! We follow because you entertain, educate, and enlighten us. I’ll always remember the Canadian vs. the USA groundhog. Who knew? You did. Keep writing; I’ll keep following.

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