Sunday Dinner Conversation

Apparently, I talk about Trump and Putin all the time. At least that’s what my family alleges. Whenever we sit at the table for Sunday dinner, I (allegedly) steer the conversation towards foreign politics.

It’s not true.

I also criticize our own leadership, here in Canada.

And I pontificate about political correctness, the snowflake generation, and why America needed shaking up, hoping some of that rubs off on Canada, come next election.

Change is not always such a bad thing.

But despite the unfair restrictions imposed on my Sunday dinner conversational topics, my wife returns from her Disney/Universal vacation in Florida, with a gift for me.

A chocolate bar.

And I loved it.

Just wait until next Sunday.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Dinner Conversation

  1. Well, if I may suggest, can you move the topic entirely out of politics?
    Usually, I personally do not like discussing politics especially foreign affairs over dinner. I prefer discussing issues pertaining closely to the family.

    I hope one day she won’t stop buying things for you!

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    1. It’s not quite as big an issue as I let on the post, at least from my perspective! I agree though, politics and religion should be saved for those occasional late night debacles with close friends🙂!

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Sometimes I will try to discuss political matters only to be told that I am not interested, etc. Normally, I am not as political as I used to be but on occasion, there will be something that annoys the hell out of me that occurs. Stay strong, lol.

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  3. Ah, luckily we don’t have that problem. I think South Africa has a way bigger political problem than the US. Good luck with the Donald-conversation diet. As for the chocolate, I’m not sure how appetizing it is looking at the wrapper.

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