Although one would never guess (by the snow outside), it is almost May. Nevertheless, although I’m not one for embracing stereotypical rituals or terminology, I decided a week ago I would begin house cleaning—in the Spring. Despite the enormity of the task, ridding our home of one garbage-bag-full of non-essential clutter per week, was a … Continue reading Decluttering

Groundhog Wars

The marmots have spoken. February 2nd 2018, both Punxsutawney Phil of Pennsylvania and Wiarton Willie of Ontario, predicted six more weeks of winter. The only hold out; Shubenacadie Sam. Amidst a gathering of media and fans, Nova Scotia based Shubenacadie Sam predicted an early spring—then promptly made a break for it, scaling his enclosure in … Continue reading Groundhog Wars

Tell Me Why, I Don’t Like (Blue) Mondays

Blue Monday just passed. I survived. Although I’m aware of the concept, it never dawned on me that this past Monday held any significance—other than it was another dreary, back-to-work morning in January for yours truly. Little did I realize this was the day regarded as the most depressing 24-hour period of the year. Pseudo-scientifically, … Continue reading Tell Me Why, I Don’t Like (Blue) Mondays