Tell Me Why, I Don’t Like (Blue) Mondays

blue_monday (2)
Blue Monday just passed.

I survived.

Although I’m aware of the concept, it never dawned on me that this past Monday held any significance—other than it was another dreary, back-to-work morning in January for yours truly. Little did I realize this was the day regarded as the most depressing 24-hour period of the year. Pseudo-scientifically, an explanation exists as to why the third Monday of January dons this dubious honor, but in simple terms, the reasoning is sound:

  • End of the holiday season
  • Credit card debt (from making rather merry)
  • Miserable weather

And it’s a bloody Monday.

Let’s not forget that.

As I sit staring blankly out my office window at another dull grey, snow-bleached frozen landscape, I can’t help but recall a post I wrote exactly one year ago. A post on winter doldrums. How apropos it seems that I once again find myself contemplating the dreariness of the season, the long tedious haul, the never-ending 5 pm sunsets.

And it dawned on me.

I was doing it again. Dreaming, yearning for my next vacation. Wishing away perfectly good days full of promise on a fast-forward delusion. Déjà vu. The problem is, as I quickly realized, I’d forgotten—yet again, that each day has untapped potential, each day is another chance for creation, growth, happiness. And our days are finite.

So I accessed my archives, re-read my 2017 post, and reminded myself that a Blue Monday has the same potential as the first day of vacation, or the 4th of July, or even Christmas day. There’s no need to shoot the whole day down. There never was.

So I stepped back to the starting gate and embraced the gift of another sunrise. I got on with it.

For those of you who suffer from the January blahs, Seasonal Affective Disorder, or just plain lack of inspiration, I empathize.

I was there too.  Here’s how I overcame mine.


Until next time,

10 thoughts on “Tell Me Why, I Don’t Like (Blue) Mondays

    1. Likely it was.
      But I did a quick Google check before I sent out my post, just to make sure this wasn’t solely a North American thing…………and it wasn’t!
      Cheers, enjoy the weekend! We’re here waiting upon your return.


    1. I used to dislike Sunday evenings once upon a time, but I learned to enjoy them. Weekends are short if you work Mon-Fri, so why not take advantage? And I agree, there’s always another weekend right around the corner. Cheers Emily, thanks for commenting!

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  1. I work shifts so Mondays don’t have as much of a negative significance too me (in fact I only currently work one Monday in 3). I was pretty upbeat on so called blue Monday, it’s the other 364 days I need to deal with.

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    1. I worked 12-hr shifts (alternate weekends) my first ten years, so like you Monday’s occasionally were welcomed (especially after working 7pm-7am Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My last 8 years and counting have been more traditional, 8-4pm Mon-Fri in the office. Not that I’m complaining though; I can retire this year! Cheers, thanks for the visit!


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