Groundhog Wars

groundhog-956701_1920 (2)
The marmots have spoken.

February 2nd 2018, both Punxsutawney Phil of Pennsylvania and Wiarton Willie of Ontario, predicted six more weeks of winter.

The only hold out; Shubenacadie Sam.

Amidst a gathering of media and fans, Nova Scotia based Shubenacadie Sam predicted an early spring—then promptly made a break for it, scaling his enclosure in a blur of portly fur. As luck would have it, an alert and quick-footed CBC Reporter grabbed the malicious marmot, seconds before he made good his escape.

For his heroic efforts, the young Reporter received a love bite, from an angry marmot.


Which begs the question.

Is my 2017 prediction coming true?

Is Shubenacadie Sam merely playing his audience—catering to an adoring public in an ingenious bid to land the lead role in Groundhog Day II – the Sequel?

If you have any doubt, behold my prophecy from one year ago; Scandalous Prognostication.

Then we’ll talk.

Until next time,

20 thoughts on “Groundhog Wars

      1. No worries. You may not get through it. Judging by the cricket serenade I received after the release (from my own friends and family even) I know my experimental style did not go over well. Even my wife took 3 weeks to finish it. Live and learn. Trying to shake off the cobwebs and start number two though. Thanks again for purchasing!

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    1. I saw a great post from Bill Murray the other day, actually it was letter to his fans on how he hates being recognized for that movie. It’s quite funny, but you get the sense he dreads whenever Feb 2nd rolls around. Cheers, thanks Susan, always a pleasure to hear from you!

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    1. Until the CBC launches a law suit on behalf of their reporter, suing Sam, his caregivers, and the province of Nova Scotia.
      No wait, that only happens in the States!
      Thanks for commenting Theresa, always appreciated!

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