Bloggers Recognition Award

I am honored to have been nominated for the aforementioned award by a fantastic Blogger, Misggrace.   While I’ve heard of such appreciation awards, I never actually delved into what the recognition entailed. Now that I’ve been nominated, I feel privileged to take part. I've enjoyed following Misggrace's Blog forgottenempathy for some time now.  Her writings feature an … Continue reading Bloggers Recognition Award

Quote Challenge – Day Too

Before we begin, the 3-Day Challenge rule book: Thank the person who nominated you.   Thanks Belle Papillon Post for 3 days (not necessarily in a row) 3 quotes per day 3 new victims Bloggers nominated each day - link to their sites Notify your 3 picks they've been tagged Simple. Day Too is dedicated to … Continue reading Quote Challenge – Day Too

The Power of Positive Drinking

It’s a well-documented fact that many revered authors were drinkers.  Not teetotalers, but hardcore, slam-them-back, liver abusers.  And aside from the moderation argument, is there anything outwardly wrong with that?  The love of libation is not reserved for the creative elite, far from it, but the fascination with prominent figures, especially their quirks and idiosyncrasies, … Continue reading The Power of Positive Drinking