National Novel Writing Month

Despite a lengthy mental debate the past few weeks, I decided not to set myself up for failure, knowing I couldn’t manage the 1666 word (minimum) daily commitment. I would not make the finish line.

The Power of Positive Drinking

It’s a well-documented fact that many revered authors were drinkers.  Not teetotalers, but hardcore, slam-them-back, liver abusers.  And aside from the moderation argument, is there anything outwardly wrong with that?  The love of libation is not reserved for the creative elite, far from it, but the fascination with prominent figures, especially their quirks and idiosyncrasies, … Continue reading The Power of Positive Drinking

Standing Out in the (Blogging) Crowd

Two hundred and fifty million Blogs and counting. How does one stand out in a virtual sea of anonymity? It may be easier to debate the angels on the head of a pin analogy, but I'll give it a try.   Without dwelling on the obvious, plenty of articles already lay out the formula for … Continue reading Standing Out in the (Blogging) Crowd