No Post This Week

One from the archives. And since I have no post this week,… how appropriate.

no post this week

Yet another challenging week nailing down a topic alluring enough to keep my fingers moving and my Central Scrutinizer at bay.  Ideas came painfully slow, the rejections – Vin Diesel paced, fast and… you know the rest.

Up first, a comical analysis of ‘Narcissism in our Society’ – a tribute to those mirror worshiping individuals who keep Earth in orbit.  The topic had promise, relevant to many, but in the end, didn’t pan out.  My uncooperative creative-side argued the timing may be construed as an anti-Trump rant, an attempt at bandwagon jumping, and a sense that I had a vested interested in the presidential election.  While I admit the Clinton/Trump debacle is captivating, even for non-Americans, political commentary is not my cup of Long Island Ice Tea, at least not in this forum.  As a part-time Sunshine State resident I probably should pay more attention to the circus, but…

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