Gremlin and a Doofenshmirtz

What do Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz and a Gremlin have in common?

I mean other than the fact both are well-known animated celebrity bad-guys, achieving television and cinematic fame decades apart?

Not a thing.

They just happen to have been handy, within grasping distance as I tinkered with my backdrop for some practice photos. Placeholders if you will.

But, after reviewing a few random shots, the resulting image caught my creative eye; two foreboding figures, similar yet different, comic yet tragic, a duplicity of fiendishness.

stripe_gremlinI wondered if perhaps they were simply misunderstood villains, born of innocence, morphed into sinister souls by fate’s cruel hand. Not that Doofenshmirtz is on par with the psychotic Gremlin ‘Stripe’ on the savageness scale—far from it. The good doctor, for all his inherent evil and obsession with the Tri-State area, does have his good side.


Gremlins, not so much.

dr-heinz-doofenshmirtzHowever, in forming this unusual union—for no other purpose than photographic tinkering, a nefarious similarity and unification of evilness appeared, captured in a camera’s lens.

An unlikely duo emerged, cast in silhouette, entombed in digital celluloid for eternity—or at least until my hard-disk crashes.

A cryptic camaraderie, transcending a solitary villainous existence.

A Gremlin and a Doofenshmirtz.

Until next time,