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Re-visiting an older micro-fiction piece.


day of origin_ (2)
D  a  y     o  f      O  r  i  g  i  n

What began as an oddity, morphed into reality. Fueled by media frenzy, the phenomenon grew exponentially. Within days, revelations of oblivion amassed.

And this time, the world was listening.

My name is Richard Elston. And everyone I know is dead.

March, three years past it began. Six thousand people across North America died within a twenty-four hour period, reasons unexplained. Not so unusual, until you factor in one peculiar anomaly. All six thousand of them died on their birthday.

It got better.

The following day, over half a million people across three continents expired, on their day of origin.

Medical intervention proved futile. The dying would not be deterred.

Mass chaos ensued. Governments did little. While theorists theorized, the death rate magnified.

By the seventh day, obliteration hit overdrive. Fifteen million people perished, despite their birthday…

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Ode to Robert Browning

"Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?"

Gremlin and a Doofenshmirtz

What do Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz and a Gremlin have in common? I mean other than the fact both are well-known animated celebrity bad-guys, achieving television and cinematic fame decades apart? Not a thing. They just happen to have been handy, within grasping distance as I tinkered with my backdrop for some practice photos. Placeholders if … Continue reading Gremlin and a Doofenshmirtz