Gremlin and a Doofenshmirtz

What do Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz and a Gremlin have in common? I mean other than the fact both are well-known animated celebrity bad-guys, achieving television and cinematic fame decades apart? Not a thing. They just happen to have been handy, within grasping distance as I tinkered with my backdrop for some practice photos. Placeholders if … Continue reading Gremlin and a Doofenshmirtz

My Top Ten Christmas Movies

Now that I'm on holidays until the new year,  my Christmas spirit is gaining momentum.  Even a few snow flakes are falling today, not bad for an El Nino year, especially considering we're on track for the warmest December ever. Our family's well into our annual Christmas movie/show cavalcade, in fact tonight, we'll be watching #2, below. I have ranked … Continue reading My Top Ten Christmas Movies