On Retirement

I’ve recently retired. A nice feeling. After 31 years of toiling away, I have no more excuses.  That next novel won’t write itself. The insidious cycle of planning, note-taking, brainstorming (i.e. procrastinating); ends. And the writing begins. In anticipation, I’ve re-vamped my writing space; added a new Dell monitor I didn’t need, a wireless keyboard, … Continue reading On Retirement

Does Your Novel’s First Line Measure Up?

How does the first line of your manuscript stack up?  Happy with it?  Have you rewritten it so many times you’ve forgotten what your novel is about?  Or conversely, did you come up with an opener so fantastic you rewrote your manuscript to make it fit? If any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.  … Continue reading Does Your Novel’s First Line Measure Up?