Distraction Number 3 – Shed Pub

Shed pub. Yes, that is correct - shed pub.  A relatively new fad, homeowners turning their cluttered, spider infested backyard sheds into mini taverns, complete with beer taps, personalized coasters, and the Sunday match in high definition. Shed pubs, also known as bar sheds, vary from the most simple conversions, to elaborate British fare, rivalling … Continue reading Distraction Number 3 – Shed Pub

Procrastinating Screenwriter – Revisited (Again)

How many want-to-be Screenwriters in the room? I see a lot of hands. Screenwriting promises riches and notoriety, but much like acting or professional sport, only those few with the inherent talent, and more importantly, the unstoppable drive, succeed.  Very few make a living in this arena.  Plenty of dreamers though. I’d been interested in … Continue reading Procrastinating Screenwriter – Revisited (Again)