Why Do I Write?

Having just returned from making rather merry in Florida these past few days, my writing regiment dissipated and I remained topic-less for my weekly post.  The article below I wrote earlier this year as a guest post on a great literary website, Two Drops of Ink .  I urge you to visit the site for some inspirational material. On … Continue reading Why Do I Write?

Procrastinating Screenwriter – Revisited (Again)

How many want-to-be Screenwriters in the room? I see a lot of hands. Screenwriting promises riches and notoriety, but much like acting or professional sport, only those few with the inherent talent, and more importantly, the unstoppable drive, succeed.  Very few make a living in this arena.  Plenty of dreamers though. I’d been interested in … Continue reading Procrastinating Screenwriter – Revisited (Again)