Micro Fiction – Economy with Words

  "It's thrilling to meet you Gloria." "Hi." "Yes, you obviously have a wonderful economy with words Gloria.  I look forward to your next syllable, with great eagerness."    Economy with words, the epitome of micro fiction. The excerpt above is from the 1981 comedy classic, ‘Arthur’, with Dudley Moore and Sir John Gielgud.  One of my favourites.  … Continue reading Micro Fiction – Economy with Words

Distraction Number 3 – Shed Pub

Shed pub. Yes, that is correct - shed pub.  A relatively new fad, homeowners turning their cluttered, spider infested backyard sheds into mini taverns, complete with beer taps, personalized coasters, and the Sunday match in high definition. Shed pubs, also known as bar sheds, vary from the most simple conversions, to elaborate British fare, rivalling … Continue reading Distraction Number 3 – Shed Pub

Off Gridding – Cape Breton Island

So the original plan, some twelve years back, was to build a cottage on our land in Cape Breton.  But things change, Florida happened, and the cottage plan went on the back burner - not forgotten, but paused.  We've owned the 4.36 acre lot on Bras d'Or lake for some time now.  Over the years … Continue reading Off Gridding – Cape Breton Island